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What is Electromagnetic Induction?

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electromagnetic induction
Electromagnetic Induction

What is Electromagnetic Induction?


A magnet is a material that produces a magnetic field and can attract iron or materials made of iron. If a magnet is suspended in such a way that it is free to move around then one of its poles will point towards north pole and other one will be towards south pole. Every magnet holds this property due to the effect of earth’s magnetic field because earth itself is a very big magnet. There are two poles of a magnet i.e., North pole and South pole.

Magnetic Field:

The area around the magnet in which its magnetic effects can be seen is known as Magnetic Field.

Types of Magnet:

There are three main types of Magnets:

  1.  Permanent Magnets
  2. Temporary Magnets
  3. Electromagnets
  •  Permanent Magnets:

These are the most commonly used magnets. These are the magnets, once they are magnetized retain their property of magnetism.

  • Temporary Magnets:

Temporary magnets are those which act like a permanent magnet when they are within a strong magnetic field, but loose their magnetism when the magnetic field disappears.

  • Electromagnets:

If an insulated wire is wrapped on a soft iron rod and electrical current is passed through it, the iron rod will become electromagnet. It acts like a permanent magnet when current is flowing in the wire like a permanent magnet it has north and south poles. When the electric current is stopped flowing through the coil the magnetic field is also disappeared.

Magnetic Flux:

The total number of magnetic lines of forces present around a magnet is known ad magnetic flux. The symbol for magnetic flux is (Φ). Magnetic lines of force have no physical existence but can be measured. These lines travel from north pole to south pole through air and reached back to north pole through magnet from south pole.

Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux


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