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Ohm’s Law and Definitions of Voltage, Current and Resistance in a Circuit

Ohm's Law

Georg Simon Ohm, a famous German physicist and mathematician, gave  an important concept about electrical circuits, known as  Ohm’s Law.  According to this law, the current in a circuit is directly proportional to the voltage applied to the circuit and it is  inversely to the resistance. Relationship between Voltage and Current: According …

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Antenna Theory: Basic Concepts

antenna concepts

Antenna Characteristics and Important Definitions: Radiation Pattern: In Antenna Radiation pattern term refers to the directional (angular) dependence of the strength of the radio waves from the antenna or other source. Basically it is the relative distribution of radiated power as a function of distance in space. Radiation Intensity: The power radiated (i.e., emitted, …

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Faraday Laws of Electromagnetic Induction

Faraday law

Faraday Laws of Electromagnetic Induction Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction is a basic law of electromagnetism relating to the operating principles of transformers, inductors and electrical motors and generator. The phenomenon by which an emf is induced in a conductor when it is cut by magnetic flux is known as …

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